Listed Rules

ZSNES and other topics can be discussed in the official ZSNES forums or on IRC. Please make sure to follow the rules as they apply on both mediums. Violation of the rules may subject you to consideration for banning, while certain violations may result in an immediate ban. Please make sure that you understand and agree to everything in this page before-hand to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

  • NO ROM REQUESTS. Users who violate this rule will be banned immediately, no questions asked.
  • Warez is forbidden. Don't ask for 'r3gged sci tech display d0ctor serial numbahZ' or anything stupid like that.
  • When asking a question about ZSNES, make sure that it isn't already answered in readme.txt/faq.txt/netplay.txt, which is packaged with all ZSNES releases. Also make sure that the same question hasn't already been asked and/or answered in the forums.
  • Don't needlessly harass or flame other members.
  • No spamming, flooding, or posting to raise your post count.
  • Don't ask when the next version of ZSNES will be out. It's out when it's out.
  • If one of the moderators delete/lock something, don't repost it. It was done for a reason.
  • Politics and religion/philosophy are not fun discussion topics. Just a note.
  • If you can't take a few extra seconds to proofread what you're posting in the forums, then why should people take a few extra minutes to try and understand it?
  • The IRC Channels are not for roms and warez so don't bother doing stuff like !list or @search, etc.
Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Bugs can be reported in the forums. Be sure to give detailed information about this bug, such as what version you are using, and how ZSNES is configured as well as the port, ROM, and other relevant information like whether or not this problem appears in previous verions. More details can be found in buginfo.txt packaged with all version of ZSNES after 1.31.

When requesting features, be reasonable. Don't ask for inane features such as porting ZSNES to MacOS or adding Super GameBoy emulation, etc. Also make sure again that the feature in question has not already been addressed in the documention that comes with each release, and make especially sure that this feature doesn't already exist.

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