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Doc Organization and Packaging

Post by Nach »

Since we just had two releases recently and a 3rd and even possibly a 4th close on the horizon, I realized it gets annoying to have to repackage the whole thing each time.
To alleviate this, I wrote a script to basically do 99.98% of the work for me.
This ties directly into the doc structure and also defines how they'll be structured in a release.

Script is here:!sou ... 1/

So think before altering any of the structure, and if you do, give me a heads up about it. And feel free to point out a better release structure if you think this is bad.
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Post by xamenus »

I would suggest that the docs/readme.* folders be named to something like "html", "text", and "chm" instead. You may also want to put a copy of license.txt in the same directory as the executable (and still keep license.htm and license.txt in the html and text folders), but that's debatable.
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Post by Deathlike2 »

I'll make sure there will be a chm on next release... which will be soon...

1.52 should have a few new features anyways...
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