compile failure with SVN, ui_zsnes.h missing

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compile failure with SVN, ui_zsnes.h missing

Post by gh »

Hi, I wanted to compile the latest Zsnes SVN trunk for fun, but the latest revision (5215), which corresponds to this commit (!revision/5215 ), does not compile. The part goes fine, but the "make" part stops with this message:

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make: *** No rule to make target `ui_zsnes.h', needed by `gui/gui.o'.  Stop.

But if I revert my working directory to the previous revision:

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svn merge -rHEAD:5214 .

and run and make again, the compilation goes fine.

I'm running Ubuntu 7.10, with the following package versions:

nasm : 0.98.38-1.2build1
libqt4-dev : 4.3.2-0ubuntu3.2
autoconf : 2.61-4

Hope that helps.
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Post by Hyos »

My first guess would be, as the devs are working on the ui ATM, that the code in SVN cannot be compiled intentionally. Unless you want to try the version from SVN for fun, I suggest you try the 1.51 release.
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Post by AlucardZero »

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Post by grinvader »

1- Don't whine about not being able to use something you're not supposed to use to begin with, dammit.
And yes, final users aren't supposed to use SVN until we say so.
2- If you can't make it work, it's a pretty good hint you're a final user - see #1.
3- Don't ever make me repeat this again.
4- moo.
5- It's done when it's done - see #3.

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