Centering Screen

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Centering Screen

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byuu, see this:
QDesktopWidget * QApplication::desktop () [static]

Returns the desktop widget (also called the root window).

Note that the desktop may be composed of multiple screens, so it would be incorrect, for example, to attempt to center some widget in the desktop's geometry. QDesktopWidget has various functions for obtaining useful geometries upon the desktop, such as QDesktopWidget::screenGeometry() and QDesktopWidget::availableGeometry().

Not sure if you know this already or not.
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Insane Coding

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Yeah, but thanks anyway.

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//show specified window in the center of the screen.
void Utility::showCentered(QWidget *window) {
  QRect deskRect = QApplication::desktop()->availableGeometry(window);


  window->move( - (window->frameSize().width()  / 2), - (window->frameSize().height() / 2)