Size of sram data.

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Size of sram data.

Post by ZnKaiRel »

I found a variable which I think stores the ram location for the sram data.

sram. does this varible store the address of the sram data?
char* addr=sram;//work to get the sram data?

How large is the sram data, is it consistant for all roms?

In order to sync srm data, i want to perform an upload. But i need to be
able to read the srm data to send. I need to know the ram address to use, and how much of it I need to upload.

I think i can take sram varible value, assign that to a pointer and access the
sram data region. But I don't know about the size.
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Re: Size of sram data.

Post by paulguy »

I don't know much of the inner workings of zsnes but I know that there are several different sizes sram can be. You could look in the existing netplay code, though... or just improve what's there. :/ I think the problem with netplay wasn't so much the netplay code itself as much as the state of the core that made netplay unreliable under some circumstances.

I honestly don't think you'll get any better results from using kaillera than the built in netplay support. I think the best you'll get is something about equal to it, maybe, given only 2 players. I can't imagine the hell having a 5 player netplay game would be.

That's completely ignoring the licensing issues.

That's my 2c on the situation.
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