Netplay does not work with windows 8.1

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Netplay does not work with windows 8.1

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Hello Zsnes Communitiy and friends,

For a little over 3-4 days i've been making several attempts to get Zsnes netplay to work on my windows 8.1 desktop. And i'll get right to the point, then explain. It turns out when i tried using netplay on my laptop which is windows 7, THAT miraculously works. and i really don't understand why my desktop won't connect.

I have disabled all firewalls that i can think of, i have 2 routers ONE of which i can't even access port warding on. i tried to connect with UDP and without UDP, i also tried to connect using 3 different ip's hamachi, the IP beneath the connect to server button, and the whatismyip IP and nothing worked. So again i say here my desktop does not connect.

If anyone here is super tech savy and really knows what he's doing, has skype and teamviewer, i would greatly appreciate any help you guys can offer, and please give it some thought before responding. Thanks.
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Re: Netplay does not work with windows 8.1

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It's more than likely a portforwarding issue... Windows 8.1 is also crap and...
Someone needs to move this to Netplay 101...
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