ZSNES not working with DOSBox

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ZSNES not working with DOSBox

Post by EldritchNexus »

I downloaded the DOS version of ZSNES, and I'm trying to open it with DOSBox on my Macbook ( an OS X 10.6.8, if you need to know).

Any time that I try to open zsnes.exe with DOSBox, I get the following message:
Page Fault cr2=0fffabd7 at eip=224; flags=3246
eax=ffff9300 ebx=59400000 ecx=00000003 edx=ffffabd7 esi=002500b5 edi=00001858
ebp=ffff937f esp=0000075c cs=a7 ds=af es=af fs=8f gs=0 ss=8f error=0004
What do I do about this?
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Re: ZSNES not working with DOSBox

Post by kode54 »

If I remember correctly:

1) All ports make use of MMX.
2) Dosbox is unlikely to ever support MMX instructions.
3) There's a Mac port of ZSNES, so you could try to use that instead.
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