In-game RAM manipulation using keyboard mapping

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In-game RAM manipulation using keyboard mapping

Post by andreyjardim »

Using the "Cheat Search" feature of zsnes you can find the RAM address of many in-game variables, for example "Coins Collected".

It would be great if I could assign a group of keys on emulator so I could increase/decrease the values of this RAM address during game emulation. For example, I found that the RAM address for "Coins collected" is 7E0000 1 Byte length. So I could configure that press "G" key during game the emulator would increase 1 on this address. Pressing "H" key would decrease 1 on this address. So I could map many addresses:

"G" key: Increase 1 on RAM address 7E0000 # Increase coins collected
"H" key: Decrease 1 on RAM address 7E0000 # Decrease coins collected

"F" key: Increase 3 on RAM address 7E1000 # Decrease X position of player
"H" key: Decrease 2 on RAM address 7E1000 # Increase X position of player

It would be important to set, for each key, how much it would be added or subtracted. For example, I want to have a step of 5 instead of increasing/decreasing 1.

I'm also aware that this could bring unexpected results. Many games have anti-cheats inside, so "money" would be stored on more than one address, player would be stuck inside walls.

Thanks in advance.
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