No Port Requests

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No Port Requests

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ZSNES is a Super Nintendo emulator written mostly in x86 assembly (59.6006%), and a little C and C++. Because of this, ZSNES cannot be ported to any non-x86 compatible operating system or console. A few examples of incompatible operating systems and consoles (it is not limited to those on this list):
    Mac OS/PPC
    Linux or FreeBSD on non-x86 architectures
    Microsoft XBOX 360
    Nintendo GBA/DS/GameCube/Wii
    Sony Playstation 1/2/3
    Sony PSP
    Sega Saturn/Dreamcast
    Pocket PCs/PalmPilots
    Your cell phone
At the time of this post, ZSNES has been ported to all compatible operating systems and consoles. Any posts requesting new ports of ZSNES will be locked immediately. There are simply no plans to support incompatible OSes and don't bother asking.

XBOX users, we do not support that port and also refer to this thread for more info:
OSX x86 users, refer to this thread for more info:
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