Star Ocean On SNES9xTYL (for PSP) ?

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Star Ocean On SNES9xTYL (for PSP) ?

Post by Startropic1 »

I'm running SNES9xTYL v0.4.2 ME on my PSP (firmware 3.71 m33-4) and I'm trying to run Star Ocean with the Dejap translation patch, v1.0.

I'm using ZSNES v1.51 for Windows to make sure the ROM runs properly to begin with. SNES9xTYL runs the original japanese version of the ROM just fine, but when I try to use the translation patch I just get a black screen. I'm starting with a clean japanese ROM, it passes the checksum in ZSNES. I have heard that SNES9xTYL has trouble applying patches after loading ROMs so I patched the ROM first with SNEStl. The patched ROM runs fine on ZSNES but I still a black screen on SNES9xTYL on my PSP.

Has anyone had any luck running Star Ocean on their PSP with SNES9xTYL?
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Post by adventure_of_link »

try asking the creators of snes9xtyl, as this is obviously a bug within that emulator.

yes I've seen this happen with other games as well.
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Post by Zoigl »

i dont got any problems with star ocean on my SNES9xTYL v0.4.2 ME ;)