I can't reach the NSRT Homepage

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I can't reach the NSRT Homepage

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This is our thread which is hopefully temporary, about issues reaching the NSRT site, where you can get NSRT, ZSNES v1.42N, LAME for ZSNESW, ZGet 4.2, and a couple other things.

Edgeemu, the current host of the NSRT website hasn't renewed their domain in a while, and the guy who owns the whole setup can't be found.

However you can still reach the NSRT website if you edit your hosts file.

On UNIX OSs, the hosts file is /etc/hosts.
On Windows NT (including 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008), it's c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts or wherever you installed Windows to (meaning replace c:\windows with the proper path).
On Windows 9x, c:\windows\hosts, or wherever you installed to.
On Mac OS X, /private/etc/hosts.

It's a regular text file, edit with Notepad or KWrite or GEdit or whatever you use to edit text files. You'll need to be an administrator or equivelent on the machine in order to save changes.

Add to the file on a line by itself:

Code: Select all nsrt.edgeemu.com

And now you should be able to access the main site, and get any link you may find on this board to something on the NSRT site to work too.

Note, going to the IP directly won't work, as that will take you to a different site.

If you need background on this, read:

If all you want is NSRT itself, this site here mirror most of the tools, although some stuff may be slightly behind, or missing a particular port: http://snesemu.black-ship.net/index.php?page=tools

Hopefully this problem will be resolved when the owner of Edgeemu is found and renews his domain.
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