Super Mario RPG Item Crash

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Super Mario RPG Item Crash

Post by Radish »

I just wanted to report that in version 1.51 of Zsnes Super Mario RPG freezes when you select certain items like the antidote pin.

i'm running it at custom wide screen resolution 1680X1050 in the cfg file i'm sending so you may want to change the resolution using notepad before you open zsnes.

I have tested the game on earlier versions of zsnes and it works fine.

however i have tested the game at different resolutions with each individual graphics layer removed and with the new graphics engine turned off.

I went into an earlier version of zsnes and equipped the antidote pin and then went back into the new version and picked up the item. The game didnt crash until i put it back into inventory and picked it up again.

this bug appears to be crashing independant of zsnes's settings.

also in certain places such as transitions between levels and into the menu screen where there is a sudden drop in frame rate that is not present in other versions.
this is the link with the super mario rpg .srm, .cfg, and 2 .zst's showing the menu screen where the game crashes
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Post by Radish »


here's the checksum picture to prove that my copy is correct
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Post by neo_bahamut1985 »

Hmmm...odd. You said it works on older versions of Zsnes..? Have you tried Snes9x or SnesGT?
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Post by adventure_of_link »

Known issue.
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