Running Zsnes in a VM.

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Running Zsnes in a VM.

Post by rhy »

I've been obsessed with VMs lately, and just how much they can do, including maintaining a couple of Virtualbox VDIs on USB keys to go back and forth and work on any of the hosts where I have Virtualbox setup.

I was having trouble configuring Zsnes on a VM that had Guest Additions installed (MicroXP). I could not navigate the mouse and select the controls for my joystick.

The solution is to temporarily Disable Mouse Integration under the Machine menu for your VM. Then program the input controls, then you can turn it back on and navigate the rest of the menu via keyboard as usual.

Great way to carry and maintain a good working zsnes installation and it's roms, in a .VDI to run on any host with Virtualbox. I also installed Civ 2 and NFS 3: Hot Pursuit, which all work well in a VM.
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Post by creaothceann »

Windows or DOS version of ZSNES?

I thought it wasn't possible since there's no DirectX hardware acceleration...
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