Creating an .SPC player

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Creating an .SPC player

Post by geekwithnintendo »

Hey guys, this is my 1st post on the ZSNES forums. Mods, sorry if I posted in the wrong topic. Please feel free to move this if necessary. Anyway, I know this has already been done before, but I think Winamp is not my best choice here. Yes, the player will be developed in C#. Creating an .SPC player is a lot easier than creating a SNES emulator. I could master the UI somehow, but I would be clueless about coding the application itself. Maybe, it could be one of those apps that plays .SPC files as if they were regular .mp3 or .wav files :D. Please feel free to share any ideas you guys have with me. Sorry if I would make you frustrated posting this.
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Re: Creating an .SPC player

Post by Gil_Hamilton »

I can't tell if you're saying you ARE coding a standalone SPC player, or if you're saying someone SHOULD code a standalone SPC player.
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Re: Creating an .SPC player

Post by grinvader »

Gil_Hamilton wrote:I can't tell if you're saying you ARE coding a standalone SPC player, or if you're saying someone SHOULD code a standalone SPC player.

What I got is "someone should code a SPC player core that I can use in a C# UI I'll come up with. Because it's a lot easier".

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Re: Creating an .SPC player

Post by joe_devore »

no need! while my reply is a bit late,

use !


it has some great Game Music Plugins that play just about every game music format. ... ic/by+date

I recommend

Game Emu Player
Adds decoding support for several game console music formats:


PSF decoder
Adds decoding support for
Sony PlayStation 1 Sound Format files (.PSF/.MINIPSF)
Sony PlayStation 2 Sound Format files (.PSF2/.MINIPSF2).

there are also plugins for
- Nintendo 64 Sound format (.USF/.MINIUSF) files.
- Nintendo DS Sound Format files (.2SF/.MINI2SF) ... put_vio2sf

- Sega Dreamcast Sound Format (.DSF/.MINIDSF)
- Sega Saturn Sound Format (.SSF/.MINISSF)

and the list goes on and on ;D
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