Good video games for PSP

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Good video games for PSP

Post by mayalew »

Video game collection, could you recommend me some video games? I need some games to test my new game console.
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Re: Good video games for PSP

Post by geekwithnintendo »

This list is taken directly from
1. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
2. Final Fantasy Type-0
3. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
4. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
5. Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles
6. Patapon
7. God of War: Ghost of Sparta
8. Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions
9. Lumines
10. Sega Genesis Collection
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Re: Good video games for PSP

Post by Agozer »

A bot?
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Re: Good video games for PSP

Post by grinvader »

As long as he doesn't abuse the rules, I'm fine with it. *shrug*

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<jmr> bsnes has the most accurate wiki page but it takes forever to load (or something)

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Re: Good video games for PSP

Post by Gil_Hamilton »

On the assumption someone in this trainwreck actually wants opinions instead of cut&paste lists(and anyone in here isn't a bot...), I shall craft a (perhaps controversial) list!

Alien Syndrome
Half-Minute Hero
Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
Phantasy Star Portable
Wipeout Whateverthefuck
Ys 1+2

There you go. A list.
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Re: Good video games for PSP

Post by megamanzer0 »

Crimson gem saga
Tactics Ogre:let us cling together
all the Disgaea ports
thats all I can think of Im sure there are I few more that I;ve played though.
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