Ideas for things to add in the next Zsnes?

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Ideas for things to add in the next Zsnes?

Post by I_am_dumb »

1: Better-looking screensavers for the gui, something like the old vector boxes from Win 98, lol, and it should make the menu bar at the top hide when the screensaver comes on.

2: A "Return to previous Screen Size" function similar to Windows screen options. Many times I would fiddle with the screen size and get stuck in a size where the whole screen is black (mouse cursor is still there) and the "X" button to close the program is out of my reach/sight. The only thing left to do is CNTRL ALT DEL to kill Zsnes, and go find the CFG file for my earlier version to get back to the correct screen size.

3: Bass and Treble adjustment options in the sound menu so I can alter these in the program instead of having to do it in my Soundcard properties.

4: A controller option to be able to navigate Zsnes entirely from an old Snes controller running off a SuperJoy adapter (for those who play ZSNES on their TV via Svideo). Given the limited number of buttons, perhaps it could be done using a combination of buttons for certain actions.

Like... L + R + X would be Escape to GUI/Return to game, Up/Down on the D-pad would be Up and Down (or mouse scroll up/down) in the Rom list, START button would be Enter (Play Highlighted Rom), L + Start would be Load Save State, and Select + R would be Record Save State. There could also be a key combo to enter a "Mouse Mode" (Select + Start + L) where the D-pad temporarily acts as mouse cursor (and L = Left Click, R = Right Click) until the button combo for it is pressed again.
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Post by franpa »

#4 you can just use a mouse o_O... why must you disconnect your mouse from your computer after connecting your tv to your computer? or well, why don't you use a mouse with zsnes?

the rest of your suggestions are good at least.
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Post by sweener2001 »

so good that number 2 is already implemented

same with 4. button limitations are not the dev's fault.

1 is pointless.

3 is iffy.
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Post by blackmyst »

sweener2001 wrote:so good that number 2 is already implemented

same with 4. button limitations are not the dev's fault.

1 is pointless.

3 is iffy.

I agree with all that except nr 4. You can navigate some of the menus, except you cannot actually bring up the menu using the joypad, and you can't do half of the most important things. Joypad navigation as it exists now is rendered completely redundant, since you need the keyboard anyway.
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Post by megadude »

defently they should add super game boy support
the rom can be found many places - iused
the rom doesn't load gameboy games by itself
there would need to be a feature in the emulator where the SGB rom could be selected and then a load GB rom option in file menu
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Post by Deathlike2 »

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