zHeights and AWJ?

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zHeights and AWJ?

Post by KiTA »

Hello, sorry about the OT post to the board here, but... I'm searching for a few old friends that I used to speak with every so often, kinda lost touch with them and have been thinking about them lately.

One of the only leads I have for them is that they helped / were given shout outs / etc on the DQ5e notes. Kinda taking a shot in the dark and hoping they notice this post, but... yeah...

Specifically, SrDragoon (although he still posts to Woodus's Dragon's Den), zHeights and AWJ are the people I'm looking for that were mentioned, but if he still reads it, PurpleGuy used to hang out with us as well.

AWJ I haven't seen in years and still owe him an apology, zHeights vanished in November, and SrDragoon in January. PurpleGuy hung out with us in the room I'm thinking of, but outside of enjoying old games he didn't really hang in the same circles as far as I can tell.

Anyway, if anyone of them reads this, or anyone knows how to get ahold of them, I can be reached at j2ehyp using google's mail service. Or just reply here. ;)

Oh, and thank you so much for your guy's hard work over the years. I never thought to stop in and say that while you guys were still updating, but. Well. Yeah.