List the dependencies for Zsnes

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List the dependencies for Zsnes

Post by qwerty800 »

It's so much easier to compile a program when you know which dependencies to install!

The problem is that they aren't listed anywhere!
Sure, there is apt-get build-dep for debian & ubuntu, but for some other distros, thee packages aren't even aviables!

The only solution remaining is to look into the "configure" script, but it almost contain 7000 (OVER 9000!!!!!) lines!

It would be appreciable if somebody could just post the dependencies here, so that nobody would need to seach anymore.
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Post by Deathlike2 »

I'm sure you can figure it out if you read the docs. There tends to be equivalent packages for accomplishing the same thing.
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Post by adventure_of_link »

don't we have the needed programs/libraries to compile ZSNES somewhere in the FAQs on the board :?
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Post by Nach »

Actual dependencies change from distro to distro.
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