Compiling under windos

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Compiling under windos

Post by The_A_Drain »

Noticing that the last post here is from almost a year ago this is a shot in the dark.

I need to do something really simple to either ZSNES or Snez9x, I just need to fire off a couple of messages to another program (the values of certain memory locations, for example the players X and Y coordinates) so that my program can then pick up on that and control a few other things (for an art project)

I'm ok with actually adding that code, I'm a relatively inexperienced programmer but am employed as a professional, I'm just completely lost when it comes to compiling either of these emulators. I don't know beans about linux, and only have VS2013 installed on my machine. I'm finding conflicting readme files and am stuck with three versions (zsnes, snes9x and snes9x-rr) that I can't get to compiled at all.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated. Where do I start with this?
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Re: Compiling under windos

Post by grinvader »

Advice #1: go with snes9x. Our public source tree is overstale. There's a cheese castle on top of it.

Advice #2: grab their latest source, and read the readmes. All of them. They should tell you what you need.

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<jmr> bsnes has the most accurate wiki page but it takes forever to load (or something)

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