The goggles ...

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The goggles ...

Post by Francis64 »

I'm surprised there isn't more complaints about this.

Can we get additional themes/styles with more contrast?
Dark blue text on a light blue background looks nice, but is a real pain to read threads with these colors.

Thank you for your understanding :)
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Re: The goggles ...

Post by franpa »

*Face palm*

There are already 2 threads talking about the theme problem. theres a sticky thread not far above this for instance.
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Re: The goggles ...

Post by DancemasterGlenn »

Franpa owned you.
I bring the trouble.
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Re: The goggles ...

Post by badinsults »

Yes yes, the default forum scheme is kind of bland, but it will take some time to fix things. I personally don't have the time to learn, so default it is.
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