8bitdo FC30 Controller Help

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8bitdo FC30 Controller Help

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I've read around on the forums, and have yet to find anything regarding this particular controller, although I have read about the problem I am having, sort of.

I've read that some keyboards have trouble handling multiple inputs, and that the solution is to find better key combinations, or to get a joystick (controller). The thing is, my keyboard works fine, but I have a controller called the FC30, by 8bitdo, and with this controller I am having the multiple input issue: namely, the game will only recognize the last input it was given.

Playing super mario bros., I can walk and jump, but jumping makes me stop walking. Holding run while walking makes me stop moving. The game simply won't acknowledge multiple inputs from this device. But it's only with ZSNES, from what I've seen. I've been playing N game (flash game, downloaded version) with the controller just fine.

The controller comes with an app that allows you map keyboard commands to the buttons, and I have tried to do just that (in hopes of fooling the game into thinking it was the keyboard inputs that work), but I've had no luck here either.

Any ideas? And thanks for bearing with a noobscrub on the forums :D
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