ZSNES Windows port development

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ZSNES Windows port development

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I have been wanting to do some mods to the Windows port in general for some time.

I just have some questions:
1) Does the win/ dir really contain all the Windows specific code? I don't want to be hit with surprises elsewhere.
2) Where is a link to the most recent SVN thats actually usable for end users? ZGet unfortunately is now unusable and I am not sure on the most recent SVN since Nach did the SPC7110 decompression code.
3) Is it really needed to link in the debugger? I don't see any need for it personally, since I don't do SNES devel at all yet.

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Re: ZSNES Windows port development

Post by byuu »

There is a setting in the Makefile to disable the debugger. I used it to avoid the ncurses dependency when I built it. You should check with Jonas Quinn to get the exact name, but it's probably something obvious like NDEBUGGER or whatever.
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Re: ZSNES Windows port development

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his questions were mostly answered a few seconds after he posted due to hanging around with us crazy people in irc

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<jmr> bsnes has the most accurate wiki page but it takes forever to load (or something)

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