building in cygwin?

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building in cygwin?

Post by tsaif09 »

I'd like to code up the networking side of zsnes from scratch. When I run ./configure in cygwin it tells me I don't have sdl-config. I'm working on just getting the thing to compile. Are there any gotchas I should watch out for? Is there a reason nobody has coded the networking portion? I have experience in javscript, html, and css.
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Re: building in cygwin?

Post by mudlord88 »

Eh, the makefile is pretty flexible, so you shouldn't need Cygwin at all...

I compiled ZSNES ages ago with mingw fine. Can't imagine vanilla GCC would have problems at all....
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Re: building in cygwin?

Post by adventure_of_link »

you're gonna need A LOT more experience than just Javascript, CSS, and HTML to code (let alone improve on) netplay... as a minimum I'd know some C, let alone C++ before tackling this job.

In any case, netplay was discontinued due to randomness in the core, desyncs, etc.
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