F310 not recognized Windows 7 64 bit

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F310 not recognized Windows 7 64 bit

Post by Antix »

I have installed the logitech drivers, but I can't switch to game pad in device selection and it also doesn't respond inside the games. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Re: F310 not recognized Windows 7 64 bit

Post by ouija1979 »

Is it the first time you have used the pad? I wouldn't bother with Logitech's drivers, I have the same controller and it was just plug and play for me. I would uninstall the drivers, then go to control panel, devices and make windows forget any drivers you have under game pad. Restart the computer and then plug in the controller, let windows do its magic and it should work. :D

Just noticed you are a newbie. Did you configure the gamepad in the Config, Input drop down menu? Then click on KEYB/GAMEPAD then click SET KEYS this should allow you to start pressing UP on the gamepad to configure, the gamepad is automatically selected by default, no need to worry about that. Sorry if you have dome this, but thought I would check. :lol:
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