Playing while doing something else

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Playing while doing something else

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Here is the situation. I have 2 computer screen. I want to let my girl play Zelda on zsnes on my second screen while i still can do my own things like playing another video game on my main screen.

The issue is that as soon as I alt-tab zsnes, the game sound cut and more importantly the gamepad stop controlling the game. The game don't seem paused since I see movement on it but she cant use the controller anymore to play and we have no sound :(

In the config the PauseFocusChange is set to 0 so theoretically the game still running.

Any way to make it work the way i'd like it to work?

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Re: Playing while doing something else

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I'm pretty sure Windows only allows you to have one program in focus at a time...
BUY a 2nd PC.... lol...
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