My Solutions to Prevent Further Issues in ZSNES

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My Solutions to Prevent Further Issues in ZSNES

Post by DeriLoko3 »

Here are my solutions to prevent further issues from happening in ZSNES.

In the down arrow menu, push the Clear All Data button to clear all the data. Make sure that Freeze Data is switched to On.

In Config > Input, it is best to use 1 or 2 controllers. Do not use 3, 4, or 5 controllers. Using None can disable a controller, and using Keyboard/Gamepad can enable a controller. Plus, disable some keys, if you do not use some keys.

In Config > Devices, try disabling some or all keys. That is, if you do not use these keys.

In Config > Chip CFG, leave all boxes unchecked, unless you have Super System.

In Config > Options > Basic, check Enable MMX Support. Uncheck Show 224 Lines, because it will show 16 additional lines. Uncheck Show ROM Info on Load, uncheck Log ROM Info, check Pause Emu in Background, and check Disable Power Management.

In Config > Options > More, uncheck everything. To save a lot of the space, use PNG. That is, if you are taking the screenshots.

In Config > Video > Modes, use 256x224 RW, and never use Fullscreen.

In Config > Video > Filters, uncheck everything. Never use any filters.

In Config > Sound, uncheck Disable SPC Emulation. That is, if you use SPC700. Check Enable sound. Uncheck Enable Stereo Sound, because the stereo audio brings 2 channels in ZSNES, not 1 channel. Disabling the stereo audio can activate the mono audio. Uncheck Use Primary Buffer. Keep Sampling Rate as 32,000Hz. Use Interpolation as None, and use Lowpass as None.

In Config > Paths > General-More-or-BIOS+Carts, you can set what path that you want. You can leave some of the directories blank.

In Config > Saves, do not use any savestates. # of Rewind States should be 00, and 1/5 Seconds per Rewind is 01. Uncheck Do Not Save SRAM, check SRAM Check+Save, uncheck Load Savestate w/SRAM, uncheck Start at Latest Save, uncheck Auto Increment Save Slot, uncheck Auto State Save/Load, uncheck Pause after Loading State, and uncheck Pause after Rewind. Disable all State Shortcut keys.

In Config > Speed, use 0 for Max Frame Skip. Stop using the frame skip. You can have less-or-no shortcut keys. Check Auto Frame Rate. Use 1x at Emu Speed.

In Cheat, never use any codes, when you are playing the game.

In Netplay, Internet is required, when you are playing the game.

In Misc > Misc Keys, use less-or-no keys.

In Misc > GUI Opts, check Esc to Game Menu, check Save GUI Win Pos, check Wheel Mice Scroll, check Save Main Window Position, and uncheck everything else. BG Effects should be None. Color should be default, so leave the color, unless you want to change the color.

In Misc > Key Comb., leave all keys blank.

To save the configurations, click Misc > Save CFG.

Try installing the Visual C++ files. ... epack.html

Try installing the .NET Framework files.

Update or upgrade your drivers. I recommend using IObit Driver Booster.

Defrag your hard drive. I recommend using IObit Smart Defrag.

Find any malware to erase. I recommend using IObit Malware Fighter or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Do not let your computer have so much heat.

The image that you are seeing is an image of r5311 of ZSNES. I use SVN r5311, SVN r4538, and v1.51.
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Re: My Solutions to Prevent Further Issues in ZSNES

Post by odditude »

the only one of these suggestions that makes any sense is to avoid having controllers 3-5 defined if you're not playing a multitap game.
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