Asking for new features - read this first

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Asking for new features - read this first

Post by grinvader »

Here are some points to remember:

- ZSNES development is a hobby for the devteam, the whole of which is now very busy pretty much all the time with actually important stuff.
- Mentioning "how hard could it be" is a good way to piss people off.
- We don't need project managers that give orders and directions (we have our own, obviously), we need code monkeys that go down and dirty on that source. Chocolate source.
- ... more stuff as it comes.

There's a bunch of stuff planned, known as The List. Obviously it's useless to ask for a feature already on it, and the priority is unlikely to change even if you ask loudly.
Here's a quick summary:
* new cores (easier maintenance and future additions, better compatibility, deterministic behaviour) // we're still on this one, have been since 1.51
> new netplay (desync-less, more features, easier use)
> new UI (easier maintenance and future additions, more features, easier use)
> low priority stuff

And if you still wonder how hard it would be, just have a go at it yourself.

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Re: Asking for new features - read this first

Post by badinsults »

And just to add to that, until there is an actual release of ZSNES, it is unlikely that any feature request will be implemented. You can ask, but don't get your hopes up.
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