Before Requesting A Translation

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Before Requesting A Translation

Post by badinsults »

First off, do not request for games to be translated. Anyone requesting translations will have their thread locked immediately.

If you want to see if a patch is available for a game, go to The Whirlpool. 99% of all fan translations can be found there. If it is not there, then it doesn't exist.

Again, do not request translations. They will not happen.
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Post by PKFAIRY »

this was intended for the topic about why not to ask for translations, but to simply expand further on it anyway:

you want a translation? do it yourself. AFAIK, no one is your b*tch, so dont demand whats NOT going to happen. You dont request translations because either a) the technical skill may be above the hacker (not the case in DeJaps current standing :P). b) they simply dont have an interest in a game. c) they dont have a translator for the game. d) they are too busy to do another game. or e) they hate you.

if I were to guess.... maybe e? LOL. naw, its prolly a combination of all of the above. at any rate, if you want a game in english, its best to do it yourself, then see why people say not to request translations.
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Post by Agozer »

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Post by lockharte »

what about the other 1 percent
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u_crazy_jackass wrote:what about the other 1 percent

Feel free to ask if it exists, but don't ask DeJap to make it.