zsnes v1.42 can't load the roms over netplay

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zsnes v1.42 can't load the roms over netplay

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Ok, my friend and I BOTH have zsnes v1.42, we're using Hamachi, and I gave him the EXACT same rom through Skype. (That's how we're talking) We can connect with each other in Netplay fine. But when we try to load the rom (the rom being Super Mario Allstars) it says:

"Can't find at remote" or something like that. Before we had that problem it'd say "Can't load SuperMarioAllstars.zip", but I 'fixed' that by putting the zsnes folder into my Program Files x86 and putting a roms folder i made into that folder. But now as I said it says:

"Can't find at remote"

(just as an fyi that might not be the exact words but its something like that. I forgot :P)

I've tried looking all around and I cant find a solution. Pleeeeeease help. I JUST WANT TO PLAY MARIO!!
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