Suddenly can't connect to Netplay

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Suddenly can't connect to Netplay

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So a friend of mine and I were able to get Netplay over Zsnes to work with both of us using version 1.42. We were happily playing Seiken Densetsu 3 when one day we suddenly were not able to connect again. The only thing that we know changed was that his IP address changed after he had some internet outage. We don't know anyone else with ZSNES to try and trouble shoot and see if the problem is just on one side.

When we originally started playing he was not able to connect to me, I was able to connect to him which leads me to believe that the problem lies with me. Neither of us are behind a firewall. We both forwarded port 7845 for ZSNES. The problem we have is when either of us try to host or connect it just says connecting to server... or waiting for client. Sometimes it'll say it finds a client for one of us but then nothing happens.

Normally I wouldn't come asking for help but I can't find anything similar - people getting ZSNES to work and then for it to suddenly stop working. I don't even really know where to start trouble shooting, as far as I know all the settings are correct because neither of us changed anything.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!

Edit: Forgot to add that we're both behind a firewall and have (we think) forwarded the correct ports. We're both using Windows 7 64 bit as well as using versions 1.42 ZSNES and have the same roms (not that we can even get to that step anymore) If there is anything I forgot to add, please let me know.
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