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Best flash drive

Post by Nach »

I've been looking to purchase a 64GB USB Flash Drive, but I'm seeing almost every single drive has mixed reviews, with a considerable percentage of users complaining about data loss.

It's hard to determine what is causing the failures, if the drives are simply unreliable, if the complaining users store them in bad locations, or some other user error.

Anyone have a good idea of which drives are reliable and which aren't at this size? Anyone know if the faster drives are more or less reliable? Anyone use a bunch of these frequently?

I'd appreciate any feedback you may have.
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Re: Best flash drive

Post by SquareHead »

I'm using A few SanDisk Cruzer 64GB models. So far they haven't failed me. They're slow as fuck, but I use em for restores instead of optical disks. That, and I backup my purchased music collection, and just plug it into my car stereo when I'm driving. Are you looking for long-term disaster proof storage? Have you also thought about using a 1.8'' SSD with an external USB enclosure?
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