SNES file formats

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SNES file formats

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There seems to be a lot of talk about this lately, though not on the zsnes board. I posted a rant about it on a blog that I am contributing to.
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Re: SNES file formats

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Anyone who cares enough about spreading his homebrew game can give it a proper internal header to get perfectly recognised through the various heuristics developped over the years.
So, fuck the argument that "homebrew stuff could work on real hardware and not on emulators". The additional effort to make it work on these smarter emus is negligeable compared to the effort required to make sure it works on real hardware.

The copyright infringement thing is a valid reason, but that comes with the fucking territory. No good answer there, have to respect the coder's choice.

I disagree with MESS' split rom philosophy, since plenty of games have several pcb layouts even within the same revision.

Now I'm gonna go drown myself in my sink because I still can't do anything about the situation.

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<jmr> bsnes has the most accurate wiki page but it takes forever to load (or something)

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