Project64 ver2.0

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Neo Kaiser
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Project64 ver2.0

Post by Neo Kaiser »

I tough it was April fools for a moment and over there you can see Squall stirring trouble :| but he may be right..

Source Code was also released.
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Re: Project 64 2.0

Post by Gil_Hamilton »

I should register over there just to troll Squall. I'd be doing the community a favor, honestly.
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Re: Project 64 2.0

Post by snkcube »

I don't see a changelog for this. =(
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Re: Project 64 2.0

Post by Agozer »

snkcube wrote:I don't see a changelog for this. =(

Can't find one either. It would be nice to know what the devs have done with it considering how long a new release has taken.
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Re: Project 64 2.0

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