Nestopia UE 1.44

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Neo Kaiser
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Nestopia UE 1.44

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It seems that someone picked it up, I hope it don't deviate from the accuracy goal... I found about it very late..



1- Support for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD

2- TV Aspect Ratio option added

3- 2xSaI filter option exposed

4- Renamed Linux port to Unix port

5- Removed status bar

6- General UI improvements

7- Stop warning about unused results

8- SDL is the default sound API on Linux, the only one on the BSDs

9- Drag and Drop re-enabled

10- Fixed SDL sound crashes

11- Fixed Movie Record crash

12- Loading a state when none exists no longer resets

13- Fixed bug that causes "Enter" to toggle fullscreen

14- GUI responsiveness glitches when failing to output sound fixed

15- TV Aspect is more accurate (win32) - W.M. Martinez

16- libretro port done by Themaister and twinaphex

17- Merged a fix for Mapper 79 that affects "Puzzle (Unl)" - shalma

18- Fixed a PPU bug that causes problems in "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" - Art Vandelae, plasturion, and James

19- Mapper 143 fix that affects "Dancing Blocks (Unl)" - shalma
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Re: Nestopia UE 1.44

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Good to see Nestopia getting more love after being dead for so long.
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Re: Nestopia UE 1.44

Post by Gil_Hamilton »

Meh, NESticle's still better.
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Re: Nestopia UE 1.44

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Gil_Hamilton wrote:Meh, NESticle's still better.

QFMFT :mrgreen:
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