Come play some Zsnes! Looking for online zsnes partners

Want to play with a friend over the net? Find out all the info you need on how to configure your PC, network and of course ZSNES. Also the correct place to find people to play with and what software they use.

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Come play some Zsnes! Looking for online zsnes partners

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Okay we're planning a bomberman 5 tournament in snes9x, 4 players allowed, but only for the first 10 people who call us, we accept all types of credit cards
I'm looking for zsnes online players, maybe you could suggest another place to look as well?

I recently rediscovered zsnes online and have been playing with a new friend some Mario Kart, Sunset riders, Killer instinct... Then we played MegamanX and I realised going coop on a single player game is also fun, can watch and take breaks!

If anyone is interested in gaming, heres the games I can remind myself of, that I would play!

- Rock and roll racing, Mario Kart, Uniracers, Bomberman

Killer instinct
Street fighters

T.M.N.T 4 (turtles in time)
Contra? (never played b4)
Sunset riders
Wild Guns

Earthworm Jim
Secret of Mana
Zelda: Link to the Past (i can go through this one rather fast despite its lenght)
MegamanX 1-2-3
Kirby's dream course
7th saga (lol)
Mario Paint (lolol)

And surely others depending what we feel for, man it could just be Mario World hahah
or Mario RPG
or DKCountry
or just fucking Arkanoid hahaha

EDIT : Looney Tunes Basketball

I believe we can play up to 4 players on Snes9x ? I guess that could make possible 3man secret of mana!

I'm forgetting games for sure! Let me hear your suggestions and your interest!
See you soon hopefully
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Re: Come play some Zsnes! Looking for online zsnes partners

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<Nach> so why don't the two of you get your own room and leave us alone with this stupidity of yours?
NSRT here.