Chrono Trigger retrans?

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Unforgiven wrote:
creaothceann wrote:
Unforgiven wrote:[...] the same level of respect as Quentin Tarantino. That is: NONE.

I respectfully disagree.

I was wondering, just between us girls, what did you say to Pai Mei to make him snatch out your eye?

I just got an idea: Quentin Tarantino and Victor Ireland (from the now defunct Working Designs) should team up and produce a movie + game combo.

Tarantino, with his schoolboy-like "WOW THAT IS SO COOL! LET'S COPY THAT!" Japanese fanboyism and Ireland's "HEY, LET'S PUT A BILL CLINTON JOKE IN THIS JAPANESE FEUDAL-ERA GAME" arrogance, you simply can't go wrong.

So you would go to the movies and watch Kill Bill with Bill "I did not have sexual relations with her" Clinton jokes then buy the limited edition deluxe box set game of the movie that costs $100+ where Victor Ireland commands his college kid employees to translate the game and gives them full liberty to add "George Bush is stupid lol" jokes.

And the best thing is, consumers will still buy it.
I wonder if Ireland would've done that if he'd known one single joke in one single version of one single game(the Clinton joke was an eBay joke in the PS version) would become the sum total of his career.

The fact is, the jokes were already there. He just swapped japanese jokes that wouldn't work with the US market(often puns, which are by their nature untranslatable) for working jokes, and threw in an american pop culture reference or two.

You'd be better off roasting him for the massive gameplay changes to Silhouette Mirage. And I'd actually agree with you, although I'd dispute that he was deserving of such massive hatred. Treasure is not God, and don't anyone tell you otherwise.
But you don't strike me as a very intelligent person.
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Agozer wrote:5-star explosive spirit technique?

5 point palm exploding heart technique

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<jmr> bsnes has the most accurate wiki page but it takes forever to load (or something)

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....also, hitler.
<Nach> so why don't the two of you get your own room and leave us alone with this stupidity of yours?
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