Größe (aol you so dumb)

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Größe (aol you so dumb)

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<Nach> so why don't the two of you get your own room and leave us alone with this stupidity of yours?
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Re: Größe (aol you so dumb)

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Re: Größe (aol you so dumb)

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Danke schön?
whicker: franpa is grammatically correct, and he still gets ripped on?
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Re: Größe (aol you so dumb)

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Clearly, the most accurate representation of British society on the net

If you ever wondered how British boxers train, this site contains their secret ;)

EDIT: After further research *gets kleenex out* I think those 2 were showing us the very beginning of British MMA grappling techniques. They could've been strengthening their core muscles for upcumming boxing matches, but they're clearly wrestling. I say MMA because it's clearly an example of a super fabulous submission hold. Those 2 were CLEARLY ahead of their time, and we may see that particular submission in the UFC soon. Michael Bisping and other British fighters should take notes and learn to use that submission. It would be sooo super to see a British UFC fighter win a title with that submission. *cleans off keyboard*
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