Dual monitors - Switching to secondary monitor

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Dual monitors - Switching to secondary monitor

Post by Thrilhouse »

Is there any way to move the emulator from the primary to the secondary montor? When i drag it it stops at the end of the first monitor.

I use 2 Dell 2005 FPW monitors and the only software I use for dual monitors is Ultramon.

Thank you
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Post by Starman Ghost »

Not as of yet, it is being worked on last I heard.
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Post by snkcube »

I think you need to make the second monitor the primary monitor in order to have ZSNES on the second screen. This has been discussed many times before.
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Post by Thrilhouse »

Ok, thanks a lot. I'll deal w/it.
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Post by Nightcrawler »

This is because ZSNES isn't programmed to be able to use multiple display devices. It uses only the primary in the code.

While standard Win32 programs don't need to know what display device they are using and be seamlessly switched, DirectX programs (or any that use the video card device directly) such as ZSNESW DO and need to be programmed to handle this.

You can get around this by using the switching technique for your two monitors rather than extended desktop.
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