WIP Bug: Bubsy

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Richter X
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WIP Bug: Bubsy

Post by Richter X »

Found a new bug in Bubsy using the newest WIP. Nothing happens after the stage title screen, it just stays stuck there with Bubsy standing around. It's a good rom, as GoodSNES says it is.
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Post by Deathlike2 »

Edit: In the future, post NSRT info (GoodSNES is not the preferred ROM tool).

It appears to be a timing bug.

NSRT v3.3 - Nach's SNES ROM Tools

---------------------Internal ROM Info----------------------
File: Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (U).smc
Name: Bubsy Company: Accolade Inc.
Header: FIG Bank: LoROM
Interleaved: No SRAM: 0 Kb
Type: Normal ROM: 16 Mb
Country: USA Video: NTSC
ROM Speed: 120ns (FastROM) Revision: 1.0
Checksum: Good 0x86A5 CRC32: 444A52C1
Name: Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind
Country: USA Revision: 1.0
Port 1: Gamepad Port 2: Gamepad
Genre 1: Platform Genre 2: Side Scrolling
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Post by sweener2001 »

there should be a form that needs to be filled out for submitting bug reports.
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Post by Firon »

Speaking of Bubsy, I do recall there being graphics corruption in certain areas (such as the bonus level cave thing) which hasn't been fixed to date. But there's already a report for that.
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Post by dr_slump »

The bug is still present in 1.51, but it was all fixed in some previous 2006 WIPs (02/19 to 05/27), even the graphic glitches of 1.42 were gone.
This topic's bug is present since the 09/04 WIP.

So the question is: what made Bubsy lose its glitches and work great on WIPs 02/19 to 05/27 and what changed and made it freeze since WIP 09/04?

Post by Djungelurban »

I just wanna highlight this again since it's obviously still not working and I don't want it to be forgotten.
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