ZSNES Progress - What exists after 1.51?

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ZSNES Progress - What exists after 1.51?

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Although it doesn't look like it, ZSNES progress is still continuing after 1.51. There are builds of ZSNES known as WIPs. WIP stands for Work In Progress. These are binaries for Windows+DOS and source code for other OSes to compile with. Check out WIPs from http://zsnes.ipherswipsite.com
A WIP thread will be created when a new one comes out...

For users that want the latest and greatest (but possibly bug filled), you can obtain ZSNES by following this thread: http://board.zsnes.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=7371

So what? Why should anyone use a WIP or SVN build? Well, you don't have to. However, if there are things already implemented in a WIP or SVN build that you wanted or needed, you can check it out (so you don't bother the devs with an outdated feature request).

If you are unclear of all the new stuff that is in a SVN/WIP build, check out http://zsnes-docs.sf.net . Feel free to ask questions in the Docs forum if a description is unclear.

On the other hand, not everything will be peachy. While fixing bugs, other bugs have been created. Know that not ever bug can be fixed in the immediate future as progress towards a new core and replacing the sound core is in the works. The ETA to when it finishes is when it is done and no earlier than that. While you are waiting, feel free to use a build of ZSNES that works better for you or a different emulator if you so choose. Noone said you had to be stuck with one emulator! There is also no netplay in the WIP builds and this is intentional. Netplay rewrite will occur at some point and the ETA for it rewrite is not known either. "No, we will not just stick back in old netplay code just because". It was not really good in the first place.

In closing, feel free to post feature requests and bug reports if it wasn't posted before. Make sure to make use of the search feature before you post. Have a nice day. Just know that any requests for a ZSNES port to a system that does not use an x86 processor is not tolerated here.
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