Why do the Game Genie/Pro Action Replay codes not work?

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Why do the Game Genie/Pro Action Replay codes not work?

Post by Deathlike2 »

If you are entering a Game Genie code, make sure the dash '-' is entered in the code.

All GG and PAR codes use hex characters (0-9, A-F). Please do not mistake GG codes from other consoles such as the NES that has a completely different system and those will not work here (such as Super Mario Bro 3 NES codes for Super Mario All Stars).

Remember to treat multi-line cheat codes as entering multiple single codes. The plus '+' means to add the next code on another line.

After entering a Game Genie code and it doesn't work, you may need to try the following:

1) Reset the game. Many "Start with" codes require the game be reset in order for it to apply properly.

2) Make sure you are running the version of the game the code was intended for. Most GG codes are intended for the US 1.0 version of a game. If you don't know what version of the game you are running, use NSRT from http://nsrt.edgeemu.com .

3) If the game has a "master code", you must enter it before the other GG codes work.

Not all user submitted Game Genie codes are verified or tested so do not complain to us.

If you still think your code is supposed to work, then please post the code, the game it is supposed to work on, what it is supposed to do, and where you got the code.

Important: Please do not report cheat issues in the Bugs forum. They are not ZSNES bugs. Some codes do change the behavior of the game on the REAL CONSOLE and some effects from the cheat can prevent you from progressing through a game and/or cause undesirable behavior.
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